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    Professional, Proactive and Impactful HR advice on all Education HR matters from a trusted experienced team, join us and let us support you to get the very best outcomes for your school.

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    HR Advice For Employee Management

    Our HR Advice for Employees is high-quality in every aspect of employee management, from routine to complex and contentious.

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    HR Consultancy Services

    Advanced HR offers solution-focused, education-specific HR Services to Schools and Academy Trusts.

Our Supported Clients

  • Exceed Learning Partnership
  • The Forge
  • Diverse Academies
  • Ledger
  • Empowering Mind
  • St Joseph St Teresa Catholic
  • Rose Learning Trust
  • JMAT
  • Pioneer Academy Trust
  • Adwick Primary
  • All Saint's Catholic Secondary
  • Kirton Lane Primary School
  • Ridgewood Secondary
  • Branton Primary
  • Brighter Future's Academy Trust
  • Bentley New Village Primary
  • Kirby Avenue
  • Toll Bar
  • Levett School
  • Tickhill Estfield Primary
  • Bawtry Mayflower Primary
  • XP Academy Trust
  • Richmond Hill Primary
  • Town Field Primary
  • Hatchell Wood Primary
  • Hawthorne
  • Holy Catholic
  • Balby Central Primary
  • Crowle Primary
  • Stonehill Special School
  • Maple Medical Pru
  • Keresfourth Primary
  • Bentley High Street
  • Campsmount Secondary
  • Wath Central Primary
  • Brinsworth Howarth Primary
  • Brampton Cortonwood
  • Brampton Ellis
  • Bessecarr
  • Southfield Primary Academy
  • Mexborough Highwoods Primary
  • Mexborough St John's Primary
  • Shaw Wood Academy
  • Willow Primary
  • Rosedale
  • Ridgewood
  • Scawsby Junior
  • Saltersgate
  • Edlington Hilltop Primary
  • Edlington Victoria
  • Toll Bar
  • Tranmoor
  • Plover Primary
  • Greentop
  • Norton Infant's and Junior
  • Carcroft Primary
  • Sandringham Primary
  • Woodfield Primary
  • Sheep Dip Lane Academy

About Us

Who We Are

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Our customers describe us as unmatched, outstanding understanding the ethos of their trust, the key to their success, personable, invaluable, unparalleled, first class, part of their team, giving managers the confidence to manage and their best service provider.

Since our beginning in 2011, our strategy has been to provide unlimited, personalised expert advice to schools when needed, with an on-site presence whenever required. Supporting senior leaders in schools to achieve the very best outcomes, providing leaders with the tools and knowledge to manage their people, and creating a culture focused on achievement and teamwork, all built on the foundations of great people. Outstanding School’s foundations are their outstanding people, led by outstanding leaders; our role is to support you in your journey with our results-focused people advice.

We are education specialists supporting schools and academies in managing their people, working in partnership with customers to become part of their trusted team. Delivering bespoke services and expert people advice focused on the right outcomes for schools and academies.

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  • Tailored Advice

    Professional advice specifically to the needs of your school or academy.

  • Unrivalled Experience

    We have over 20 years of knowledge and experience.

  • Responsive

    Same-day response when it involves general HR advice.

  • Affordable

    Our full yearly support package includes unlimited on-site consultancy at no extra cost, allowing you ample time without additional charges.

  • Qualified Team

    Our HR Consultants and Legal Advisors are MCIPD, CIPD members, or pursuing qualifications up to Master’s Degree level.

  • Relevant & Up to Date

    We stay current with employment law changes, keeping you informed of obligations, and revising documents and policies accordingly.



What Our Clients Say

Go and check through our reviews and hear what people have to say about Advanced HR and our expert, customer-friendly services.

  • As a Principal, I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding guidance I received from Advanced HR during a grievance brought against my school – which escalated into an emotionally draining tribunal hearing.

    Mrs D. Secker

    Principal, Richmond Hill Primary School

  • Over the course of 4 years, Advanced HR has consistently demonstrated unparalleled commitment and expertise, proving to be an invaluable partner in navigating the various day-to-day and ongoing challenges that we face within the school.

    Alex Steadman

    Headteacher, Carlton Primary School

  • Our experience with Advanced HR has been nothing short of outstanding, with the whole team proving invaluable to our family of primary schools. They are always professional, very knowledgeable, highly efficient, and show a genuine commitment to our school’s success by setting the standard for HR provision across our federation.

    Kerry Gagen

    Business Manager - St Helen’s and St Michael & All Angel Catholic Primaries

  • Advanced HR has worked with our Trust for several years and has consistently been a personable and professional team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the educational sector.

    David Silvester

    CEO - James Montgomery Academy Trust

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